Dr Harris and Charlotte Harris discuss SottoPelle hormone replacement therapy at Horizons

The Great American Dream?

After years of hard work, I had a wonderful life.  The dutiful husband, the healthy and accomplished kids, and an amazing career…just a really good life.  But of course all things were not as they appeared.  I knew who I was spiritually.  I knew who I was emotionally but I was physically challenged when it came to the most intimate part of my life. It was a nightmare! Since our last son was born 17 years ago (yes 17 years), the intimate part of my life DIED!  I didn’t know who killed it or even why–I just knew it was DEAD.  Imagine how challenging that was while trying to maintain a successful marriage.  The subject seemed to creep into everything we did and every conversation we had. Life was on edge to say the least.  “SOMETHING IS WRONG WITH ME,” is what I would say after the same discussion (argument) about intimacy came up.  I figured, “If my husband who is an excellent OB/GYN, who has mastered the inner workings of a woman can not help me, then this just must be the way it is.”  Very discouraged, I also tolerated night sweats and insomnia frequently for 15 years as well.


After years of knowing that something was wrong with me, I had my hormones tested and discovered that my levels were really outside of the normal range. HALLELUJAH! I knew something was wrong with me! I knew I wasn’t banished to a life of celibacy. I knew I wanted to love but I could not. I knew I wasn’t crazy! I think of this like a person who has the eating disorder Anorexia Nervosa.  You know you should eat; you know eating is a necessity for living; you know eating would make everyone happy but you just don’t have an appetite!

Well, my prayers were answered when Dr. Harris learned about Pellet Therapy and flew out to meet with Dr. Tutera who is a leading expert on Hormone Pellet Therapy. This therapy has changed my life.  After proper dosing, it was like the intimate part of my life that was dead had been awakened.  I mean really awakened.  The night sweats ended within 3-4 days after insertion and I began to discover the intimate “ME” again.  I hadn’t seen that “ME” in forever so it took some time getting to know that part again.

The future.

Dr.Harris and I just celebrated 22 years of marriage in January. Our lives are so much more fulfilled and happy. Pellet therapy changed our relationship for the better. I receive pellets every 90 days WITHOUT hesitation!  Thank God for giving many of us women a safe and highly effective solution for  HOT FLASHES, FATIGUE, LOW LIBIDO, NIGHT SWEATS, DEPRESSION AND MOODINESS. Ladies…we don’t have to suffer any longer.